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Characteristics of endoprosthesis indication: Use this program for states when the implantation of an artificial joint - total endoprosthesis (TEP) is indicated, as well as materials to fix damaged tissues, stents or other are used.

Purpose of magnetic therapy application on endoprosthesis implants

The purpose of magnetic therapy application before and after the implantation of an endoprosthesis is to achieve better metabolic conditions in the tissues to improve the healing process, accelerate recovery, reduce pain, help maintain the best possible condition and functioning of the surrounding tissues and to prevent loosening of the endoprosthesis.

Using magnetic therapy on endoprosthesis implants

Surgical implants (endoprostheses) are produced from medical metals and plastic - replacement joints, splints, bolts, stents, etc. All these metal materials are made of special alloys and non-magnetic materials and their implantation in tissues and their fixation prevent undesired movement or travel.
A therapeutical low-frequency pulsed magnetic field does not warm up these materials and cannot cause them to move or travel. Therefore, Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy can be used with no risks and is recommended for all patients, regardless of their type of
endoprosthesis. Most frequently, patients with total endoprosthesis of large joints - the hip and knee, use it. The spread of TEP operations has also led to an increase in requirements for revision endoprosthetics, i.e. reoperations of endoprostheses after infectious complications (aseptic loosening), after dislocation, etc.

Other benefits of magnetic therapy application on endoprosthesis implants

Apart from postoperative healing support, Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy suppresses the risk of inflammatory complications, helps maintain surrounding tissues in the best possible functional condition and prevents the endoprosthesis from loosening. At the same time, pain reduction accelerates recovery and restoration of joint mobility.

Endoprosthesis and magnetic therapy - queries

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