Arthritis of the joints

Editor: | 14. January 2019

Characteristics of arthritis of the joints: This program is modified for targeted applications for joint inflammations. Combining analgesic and vasodilatory frequencies, it improves the microcirculation of oxygenated blood and nutrient supply, and removes metabolites from tissues affected by the inflammation; thus it provides better conditions for healing joint arthritis and, at the same time, it reduces pain.

Purpose of magnetic therapy application in arthritis of the joints

In arthritis of the joints, the purpose of magnetic therapy applications is to suppress inflammatory symptoms and oedema, reduce pain and improve mobility of the affected joints.

Description of arthritis of the joints

Arthritis of the joints includes inflammatory joint diseases of various origin, with a significant immune component (rheumatoid arthritis), as well as arthritis in other diseases, such as gout, psoriasis, etc.

The most common arthritis affecting the joints is rheumatoid arthritis, Bechterew’s disease and psoriatic arthritis. The exact cause of the disease is not known, but the main damaging mechanism is non-infectious chronic joint inflammation, an autoimmune process, where the immune system attacks and destroys its own tissues. It is manifested by swelling, heat, tenderness, soreness and impaired function. After some time, inflammation leads to destruction and deformation of the joint.

Rheumatoid arthritis (progressive polyarthritis, rheumatism) is a systemic chronic inflammatory disease of the connective tissues, which is characterised by inflammation of the joint structures, the formation of granulation tissue, devastation of the articular cartilage, and ligament loosening, or scarring. In severe cases of rheumatoid arthritis, pathological changes in other organs may also occur. Middle-aged women are the most frequently affected group.

The disease is manifested by pain, the feeling of morning stiffness and swelling of the small joints of the hands and/or other joints in the body. Among the joints that are most frequently affected by inflammation are the small joints of the hand, wrist and ankle joints, as well as the hip and knee joints.

The most important treatment measures are modification of the environment and lifestyle, rehabilitation, spa treatment and the administration of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. The treatment slows down overall progression of the disease.

Using magnetic therapy in arthritis of the joints

Arthritis of the joints is one of the main indications for Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy. The therapy is beneficial due to its analgesic, anti-swelling, anti-inflammatory and healing effects. Magnetic therapy helps improve mobility, slows down further damage to the joints in chronic patients and provides overall pain relief.

Application of magnetic therapy in arthritis of the joints

In arthritis of the joints, apply 2-3 times a day and use a solenoid and folding flat applicator for large joints, or the small elliptical applicator for small joints.


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