Vasodilation – improved blood circulation

Editor: | 14. January 2019

Characteristics of the Vasodilation - improved blood circulation program: The low-frequency pulsed magnetic field of Biomag devices improves blood circulation via modification of the polarisation of red blood cells by inducing a positive charge. It acts against the stacking (coin-roll formation) of red blood cells as it causes their re-dispersion, thereby increasing the surface area capable of binding and carrying oxygen. Blood which has passed through a magnetic field has a greater ability to bind oxygen (it is easier to oxidise). Polarisation of red blood cells improves the muscle tone of blood vessels, arteries and capillaries - causing their dilation (vasodilation) and enhancing the supply of oxygenated blood and nutrients to the tissues and faster removal

Using magnetic therapy for improved blood circulation

Low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy has a positive effect on blood cell plasticity. More flexible blood cells can better adapt to "obstacles" in the vasculature. At the same time, the magnetic field reduces the risk of blood clots (thrombi). Furthermore, low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy activates the parasympathetic nervous system and promotes the efflux of Ca2+ ions, which leads to a relaxation of the blood vessel muscles (especially pre-capillary sphincters) and subsequent vasodilation. All this contributes to harmonisation of the heartbeat, circulation and blood pressure (Chvojka).

Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy has proven successful mainly in mild forms of ischaemic heart disease but also in lower and upper extremity ischaemia, non-healing leg ulcers and in all perfusion disorders. No recanalisation of already obstructed vessels occurs, but collateral circulation in the skin and muscle tissues is greatly dilated. The vasodilatory effect is desirable in vascular system disorders with an impaired flow of oxygenated blood, e.g. in lower and upper extremity ischaemia and ischaemic disease of the heart and brain. In other words, wherever increased perfusion helps heal and improve the function of tissues and organs. It also has additional anti-inflammatory effects.

Application of magnetic therapy for improved blood circulation

To improve blood circulation, Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy is used topically at a frequency range of 36-44 Hz on the affected parts of the body and combined with targeted programs according to the needs of the respective diagnoses.

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