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Characteristics of the Relaxation program: Use the Relaxation program for individuals who need to achieve intensive relaxation. Recommended after increased physical and mental performance and in those suffering from psychological stress.

Purpose of magnetic therapy application in relaxation

The purpose of magnetic therapy applications in relaxation is to achieve calming and overall relaxation of the blood circulation and nervous system.

Description and significance of relaxation

Relaxation is a condition in which muscle and mental tension is relieved in the human body. When relaxing, we usually do activities that we like, that are pleasant and that eliminate stress and fatigue. In hard working individuals, relaxation may be represented by reading, for an individual with high mental work load, it can be gardening, etc. Apart from these activities, there is a wide range of targeted relaxation techniques. The most frequently used relaxation techniques include autogenic training, Jacobsen's progressive relaxation and breathing exercises. Relaxation is a must or an essential part of therapy for many mental diseases and disorders - from neuroses to psychotic diseases and addictions.

Using magnetic therapy in relaxation

In relaxation, the muscle relaxing and general calming effects of Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy can be used as a part and support of the whole relaxation procedure, for relaxing and faster recovery of fitness. Magnetic therapy harmonises the sympathicum and parasympathicum functions and helps eliminate symptoms of vegetative imbalance.

Application of magnetic therapy in relaxation

In relaxation, apply magnetic therapy with a flat applicator to the whole spinal column; in case of stress treatment, also apply analgesic and spasmolytic frequencies to the head.

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