Pain – pain-killing – analgesic effect

Editor: | 14. January 2019

Characteristics of the Pain – pain-killing – analgesic effect program: Low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy causes through induction the generation of currents in the nerve fibres, which blocks the transfer of pain sensations from the site of the pain through the spinal cord to the brain centres, and as a result of this and certain other mechanisms (increased production of endorphins, suppression of inflammation, swelling reduction, and muscle relaxation), pain relief occurs.

Increased production of endorphins and control of the calcium ion transfer across the cell membrane also helps achieve vasodilation, and analgesic and calming effects. After the application of low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy, increased activity of lactate dehydrogenase (required for the removal of lactic acid, which stimulates nerve receptors and causes pain) has been demonstrated in exposed muscles. Biomag® devices show especially good analgesic effects in painful radicular (root) and pseudoradicular syndromes (sciatica, compression of nerves for various reasons).

Using magnetic therapy in pain

The analgesic effect is the basic effect for which magnetic therapy is used in most people. It can be widely used in a whole range of degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and in post-traumatic and postoperative conditions.

A one-hour application of low analgesic frequencies, which can be repeated as needed, is used where acute pain causes mobility limitation, prevents further therapy (such as corrective exercise) and in polymorbid patients in whom the analgesic program, when applied at the beginning of therapy, minimises the development of a stronger adaptive response. Once the acute pain is reduced, this allows movement to another program with a higher proportion of healing and regeneration frequencies. In order for the analgesic effect to be achieved, longer applications are required and therefore all programs featuring significant pain reduction will have longer application times. Such programs can be applied continuously for up to several hours.

These programs are used in painful conditions with a known cause of pain. Do not use in patients with acute abdominal pain with no clear cause, or with suspected myocardial infarction – to avoid the masking of any clinical symptoms or missing an early diagnosis of acute diseases.

Application of magnetic therapy in pain

In pain, the therapy should be applied locally to painful areas, using analgesic frequencies from 2-6 Hz, with daily applications for at least 45-60 minutes; later on, spasmolytic and muscle relaxation frequencies of 8-14 Hz can also be used for 30-45 minutes.

Pain and magnetic therapy

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