Does your back hurt? Is the curvature of your spine getting more pronounced? Are you getting shorter? The disease that arrives slowly and remains long-unnoticed until the first fracture appears after a minor fall is called osteoporosis.

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Osteoporóza - popis diagnózy a liečba
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Characteristics of Osteoporosis and its Causes

Osteoporosis is the most common system disease of the bone. It is a metabolic disorder and is considered a lifestyle disease. The disease causes a reduction of bone mass and decreases the quality of bone tissue.

Bones are more fragile and more prone to serious fractures. Most of the fractures in people of advanced age occur due to osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis develops very slowly and is often symptomless, thus going unnoticed. Pain is usually noticed at the point when the process of joint deformation starts or when minor fractures start appearing.

Primary osteoporosis develops due to changes after menopause or the effects of aging.

Secondary osteoporosis appears as a result of other diseases or as a side effect of some drugs.

Osteoporosis affects mainly women after menopause and the elderly of both sexes. The number of cases of osteoporosis is growing among the population.

Among the causes of the disease are:

  • insufficient levels of sex hormones,
  • insufficient levels of calcium and vitamin D,
  • lack of physical exercise,
  • toxic substances,
  • diseases.

Osteoporosis Treatment – Rid yourself of the Pain

Treatment of osteoporosis is long-term and is set based on the risk of fractures in a particular patient. The risk is calculated with the use of standardized charts and scales.

It is necessary to eliminate toxic substances in the form of smoking and alcohol. Also, activities with the hazard of falls should be limited. However physical activities with no risk of falling are necessary.

Diet is important, especially the intake of vitamin D and calcium.

Drugs stimulating bone growth, decelerating breakdown of bone tissue are administered along with hormonal substitution and other pharmacological tools.

When there is a fracture, the doctor has to consider general condition of the patient’s health in order to decide how to treat the fracture.

Rehabilitation is utilised and can be supported by physical therapy.

  • Lifestyle diseases – a group of diseases caused by the current lifestyle of the general population.
  • Menopause – loss of menstruation cycles after transitioning to the infertile stage of life
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