Metabolism – enhancing

Editor: | 14. January 2019

Characteristics of the Metabolism - enhancing program: Improvement of metabolism and microcirculation in the tissues flushes out metabolites (detoxification) and stimulates the healing process. Low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy has been demonstrated to accelerate the healing and regeneration of bones and soft tissues by non-specific irritation of the cell membrane. This leads to activation of the metabolic chain, in which a change in the cAMP/cGMP ratio and increased activation of osteoclasts for bone healing play a crucial role.

Magnetic therapy markedly accelerates the healing process, as it activates the formation of new tissue (rapid building of bone tissue and calcification) and leads to increased sensitivity to the parathyroid hormone. It is therefore used to accelerate the healing of fractures, pseudoarthrosis (non-unions), and to strengthen loose and painful prostheses.

Using magnetic therapy for enhancing metabolism

Low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy increases the level of proteoglycans in cartilage by up to 22 % (according to Chvojka), which has beneficial effects on metabolism. This allows the healing and regeneration of cartilage that is otherwise difficult and influenced only to a limited extent. Accelerated wound healing has been demonstrated not only in bone, but also in soft tissue. Devices for home care of the Biomag® range have a positive effect on both sterile (rheumatoid disease) and microbial inflammation and their healing. They induce increased phagocytic activity, including the production of superoxide, which inhibits microbial flora, but can also be a source of temporary impairment, such as in patients with rheumatism during the initial applications. Subsequent activation of superoxide dismutase leads to the alleviation of symptoms and the onset of healing changes. Particularly good results are achieved in radicular (root) and pseudoradicular syndromes (sciatica, compression of nerves for various reasons). The healing and regenerative effect is a summary of other partial effects and supports the body's natural ability to heal and regenerate.

Application of magnetic therapy for enhancing metabolism

To improve metabolism - enhancing, Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy is used at a frequency range of 36-44 Hz on the affected parts of the body and combined with targeted programs according to the needs of the respective diagnoses.

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