Lyme disease

Editor: | 14. January 2019

Characteristics of the Lyme disease program: Lyme disease is an infectious disease with natural foci. Lyme disease is caused by spirochete known as Borrelia burgdorferi and proceeds in three stages. Lyme disease is most frequently transmitted by ticks, but also by other biting insects. The infection can be contracted throughout the Czech Republic due to the high overall infection rate of ticks in the country.

Treatment of Lyme disease requires antibiotics and early diagnosis, and treatment is very important. In the later stages of Lyme disease, many clinical symptoms persist after antibiotic treatment that can pass into the chronic stage, and therefore additional symptomatic treatment and long-term rehabilitation are required.

Using magnetic therapy in Lyme disease

In Lyme disease, Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy is a suitable method for long-term treatment of the chronic consequences of the infection. Magnetic therapy may provide a positive effect in many joint issues, improve mobility, reduce pain, reduce the course of the inflammatory process, support healing and due to its overall immunostimulating effect, reduce the progression of clinical symptoms. In Lyme disease, we recommend application to individual painful joints and especially long-term application to the whole spine and head.

Application of magnetic therapy in Lyme disease

In Lyme disease, apply programs at a range of 10-50 Hz with prevailing vasodilatory and healing effects. A suitable solenoid should be used on the head, and a flat applicator on the spinal column.

Magnetic therapy and Lyme disease

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