Hair loss and hair regrowth and the results of applying a pulsed electromagnetic field

Editor: | 10. December 2018

J. P. Bureau, MD, PhD, P. Ginouves, MD, J. Guilbaud, MD, PhD, ME. Roux, MD

This double-blind randomized trial vs. placebo in healthy male and female volunteers demonstrates the positive biological effect of a pulsed electromagnetic field in combination with essential oils on hair loss and hair regrowth = Alopecia and magnetic therapy effects. The trial lasted 26 weeks and was performed in accordance with the regular treatment schedule. Mean hair count comparisons within the groups significantly favour the treatment group, which exhibited a reduction in hair loss in 83 % of the volunteers and more than a 20% hair count increase over the baseline in 53 % of the patients. The process exhibited no side effects or undesirable reactions. The histologic examination correlated with the clinical trials. A parallel immuno-histochemical examination showed an increase in the proliferation index. When Ki67 (cell proliferation marker) is increased, the mitoses are barely visible in the histologic examination. The rationale of this phenomenon is considered to be due to an electrophysiological effect on the quiescent hair follicle.

Hair loss and hair regrowth – magnetic therapy effects – queries

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