Effectiveness of pulsed magnetic therapy in lateral epicondylitis

Editor: | 10. December 2018

A group of 60 patients with tennis elbow participated in the clinical trial during which they underwent a total of fifteen thirty-minute applications of pulsed magnetic therapy with 4.6 and 25 Hz frequencies and 6 mT intensity. The treatment effects in patients were evaluated against the results of the control group, which had undergone blind applications of the therapy, and against the group that had been treated with corticosteroids.

People suffering from tennis elbow often tediously return to normal physical activities and that is why this study, which examined the efficacy of the pulsed magnetic field applications in the treatment of tennis elbow, is highly beneficial.

The level of pain was evaluated in a state of rest, during exercise, at night, when bending the wrist and when rotating forearm. The pain threshold was tested by a pressure gauge. All patients underwent this evaluation before and after the treatment and at three months follow up.

Pain during exercise and when bending the wrist was significantly reduced in the group that was treated with pulsed magnetic therapy. The study results confirmed that pulsed magnetic therapy quickly reduces pain caused by so-called golf or tennis elbow.

Reference: Uzunca, K. et al. (2007) Effectiveness of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in lateral epicondylitis. Clinical Rheumatology. [Online] 26 (1), 69–74.

Effectiveness of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in lateral epicondylitis


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